OWS 888 Air con clean prevents and kills harmful bacteria that thrive in the moist environment of our air con system. Growth of these bacteria, mould or fungi creates a bad smell whenever you turn on your air con.

OWS 888 cleans and kills the bad odor, leaving a fresh smell and creating a healthy environment in the car or in your home. OWS 888 is a foam cleaning product that will clean and discharge through the drain pipe at the bottom of the car, so make sure the car is parked over drainage to prevent staining the shop floor.

Recommended uses:
Every six months to maintain a healthy and bacteria free environment or before summer and after the winter months.

Spray in the air con vents and air con condenser. Let the product clean the system for 15 – 20 minutes before switching on the air con. Use only after disconnecting from electrical power.

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