Air curtains blow a controlled Air stream down across the doorway creating an air seal, separating In-Exterior Air environment and helping to keep heated air or cooling Air while keeping out dust flying insects.

The air curtain blocks foreign substances and worms like small insects by air power and acts to block temperature between interior and exterior.


1. You can open the door at any time, so that the easy access of customers will result in sales increase.
2. The air circulation by the waves of the air curtain very much effectively circulates heating/cooling air in the wide room.
3. It saves energy by preserving heating and cooling and blocking outside air.
4. It blocks dust, exhaust gas from intrusion into the room.

* Temperature gap between exterior air and interior
In summer and winter season, the temperature gap should be generated between interior Air and exterior.
Cause of this phenomenon, hot Air will flows into cooling area in summer season on contrary to this, it will occur opposite phenomenon in winter season.
The installation of Air curtain to prevent the wasting energy by this phenomenon should bring Energy saving to clients, please consider the temperature gap and the tall of entrance.


1. Low consumption power & highly separating.
2. Easy installation and removal.
3. Less phenomenon of wind spread.
4. Open Effect
– As unhindered traffic flow and unobstructed vision through the Door openings brings the many sales increasing.
5. Circulation effect
– As circulation of a room air, it has kept most effectiveness heated/cooling air.
6. Smell, Smoke separating
– Keeps out the various smoke, mote and ill-smelling
7. Energy saving effect
– As blocking Air, it brings energy saving.
8. Safety
– Opening door will reduce children’s accident to put their hand between the door.
9. Blocking the dust, mote, smoke
– Shut off the exterior dust, motes of automobile, smoke
10. Cooling Air Block (Summer season)
– Keeps cooling Air against exterior hot Air in summer season
11. Heated Air Block (Winter season)
– Keeps heated Air

●Considering factors for increasing the effects of Air curtain installation.
– The suitable place of installation is more important than tall of entrance and an invading Air volume.
– A ventilating fan installed room needs another fan which to be installed auxiliary.
– (At balancing between Air charging and exhausting Air.)
– It seems to be very little wind outside.
– At the “Y” axis of the place is wider than “X” axis.
– At the size of Air curtain is equal or bigger than entrance.
– At no gap between installed surface and Air curtain.
– If choose too strong wind speed or weak Air curtain, you will be faced on less effects.

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