Introducing the GREE Crown Ultra-Efficient Ductless Mini-Split heat pump system available today on ComfortUp! This is the newest and smartest air conditioning unit from GREE with some amazing features. Not only does this new unit come with an incredible 30.5 SEER rating, you can operate the A/C from your iPhone, Android or tablet!

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Key Features & Benefits:
-Ultra High Efficiency
-Energy Star Rated
-Infinity Heating Down to -20° F
-Variable Speed 2-Stage Compressor
-G-10 Inverter Technology
-Wi Fi Control
-4-Way Airflow Operation (Swing)
-7 Fan Speeds
-Washable Polymeric Air Filter
-I-Feel Function
-Low Voltage Start-Up
-Intelligent Defrost
-Intelligent Pre-Heating
-Sleep Mode
-Privacy Lock
-24-Hour Timer
-Slim, Compact and Stylish Design


The latest offering from GREE in the ductless mini split line: Crown Series. It’s new, innovative and beautiful. The outdoor unit is compact and durable. The indoor unit features a polished silver finish with an ultra thin profile.

Some of the other features of the Crown series are its high SEER rating, up to 30.5 SEER! That means your energy bills are going to be lower and it’s also an Energy Star Rating air conditioner so you might qualify for local rebates and incentives.

GREE Crown also offers infinity heating technology. That means you will get near full heating capacity down to -20 °F! They’re also very quiet units. The indoor unit is as quiet as 22 decibels, for comparison, 30 decibels is a whisper.

A new feature from GREE allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to control the unit over your local Wi-Fi network. One of my favorite new GREE features is the “I Feel Mode.” I Feel Mode allows the ductless unit to sense the temperature at your handheld remote, right where you are, right where you need it!